Winter storage for your motoryacht and sailing yacht Central location in friesland


If you’re looking for winter storage for your boat, and a reliable, experienced company that can arrange this for you, please contact us by emailing or calling +31 515 745566.

The costs are very clear; you pay 22.75 euros per m2, with a minimum of 15 m2. This price includes lifting, placing on boat chocks, pressure cleaning of the underwater hull, washing of the hull, transport, and returning to the water in the spring on appointment.

You can also leave your boat in our marina during the winter for 9.50 euros per m2. We can also arrange the following for you:

  • Preparing your propulsion system for the winter
  • Preparing your sanitary and drinking water system for the winter
  • Cleaning and impregnating your boat tent/sprayhood and/or your sails
  • Setting up and removing rigging from masts, centreboards, etc. Raising and lowering sails
  • Capping of diesel tank
  • Environmental tax
  • Preparing technical installation for sailing
  • Storage of masts, centreboards, sails, and dinghies
  • Installation of winter tent
  • Hoisting and/or installing masts with cranes
  • Preparation of boats for winter/sailing
  • Engine servicing
  • Winter storage of outboard